Vehicular homicide: a serious Indiana criminal offense, indeed

The term “vehicular homicide” sounds serious, even ominous, doesn’t it?

It is.

Regardless of context, a homicide-related criminal offense in Indiana draws strongest scrutiny and a heightened prosecutorial response.

And that, of course, is because a death resulted. A prime evidentiary catalyst in a homicide — or, in some cases, manslaughter — case might be a gun. Alternatively, it could be a knife or fists.

Or a car.

As we note on a relevant page of our website at the Indianapolis law firm of Patel Defense, “Any time loss of human life is involved, the criminal charges are serious, and vehicular manslaughter is no different.”

If you are a defendant in an Indiana vehicular homicide or manslaughter case, you are going to need legal counsel.

And not just any attorney.

Given the gravity of the charge, coupled with the potential results that could issue in a case (including a lengthy prison term), a person facing criminal consequences in a vehicular homicide case is well served by having an advocate who has represented clients in such matters before.

Our law firm commands years of experience doing so, with our founding attorney being a former prosecutor having insight into how the state of Indiana proceeds in these cases.

The bottom-line goal we pursue is the most lenient that can be achieved for a client. Although a particular outcome can never be guaranteed, an optimal result can be best pursued when absolute readiness precedes a defendant’s entry into a courtroom.

We are impassioned in our advocacy of people who need our help. We welcome readers’ questions and feedback, as well as their contacts concerning any aspect of our tailored and aggressive criminal representation.