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Mar 2017
28th Mar 2017

Police official expresses strong views on reasonableness

Even though the notion of "reasonableness" regarding citizens' treatment by law enforcement officials is a long-tenured and well-entrenched principle in the criminal law realm, most people don't have to know that to appreciate the need for reasoned behavior to be clearly on display in every police-c...
27th Mar 2017

5 reasons kids shouldn’t face adult charges

Charging children as adults is a way to make sure they don't get lenient sentences for dramatic crimes. However, it ignores one crucial - and very simple - point: Kids aren't adults. Trying them as adults could open them up to more problems than it solves. Below are a few reasons that some experts b...
21st Mar 2017

Could this happen in Indiana? One state drops BAC threshold

It's not as though most men and women in Indiana or anywhere else can imbibe more than an alcoholic beverage or two and safely assume that they are firmly under the drunk-driving threshold posited by the 0.08 blood-alcohol content standard operative across the United States. Put another way: For mo...
14th Mar 2017

An often tense moment for all involved: a police traffic stop

Do we need a sort of standardized play book with recommended suggestions on how a motorist detained in a traffic stop -- and, correspondingly, a police officer who has initiated that stop -- should behave when interacting under that scenario? There certainly seems to be a growing consensus that a h...
7th Mar 2017

To some, case nearly beyond belief: 10 years, still no trial?

Although a criminal defendant in Indiana or elsewhere in the United States is deprived of many rights and liberties, those restrictions are balanced under our criminal justice system by countervailing protections based upon fundamental fairness and so-called due process. And one of the most importa...
1st Mar 2017

Evidence points to skewed public views re violent crime

Crime is up, right? That is, unimpeachable evidence will clearly show that major categories of crime, from violent offenses (e.g., murder, robbery and sex crimes) to theft-related activities such as larceny, burglary and embezzlement are consistently on the rise, correct? Uh, make that an "incorre...
Feb 2017
28th Feb 2017

Freelancers, tax mistakes and tax fraud

As a freelancer, you take great pride in the fact that you're running your own business. Although you spend most your time servicing clients and seeking new opportunities, this doesn't mean you should turn your back on your financial obligations. For example, it's imperative that you have a firm gr...
23rd Feb 2017

Lawsuits target alleged wrongdoers in health care industry

Embezzlement. Misappropriation of business opportunities. Corporate theft. Racketeering. Price fixing. Multi-company collusion. These acts of wrongdoing and additionally alleged misbehaviors are at the heart of a recent media report on actions taken in the civil and criminal spheres that target and...
16th Feb 2017

Bound to attract some serious attention: a $4 billion bond

Was it arguably unconstitutional? Yes. Did it achieve its stated purpose of spotlighting what its author regards as a sometimes "ridiculous" aspect of the criminal justice system? Ditto that, too, as evidenced by reports from news outlets across the country. Here's what manifestly bothers Claudi...
13th Feb 2017

Help your child fight his or her drunk driving charge

As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your child. Unfortunately, you know one thing to be true: Children don't always make the right decisions. One of the most common mistakes among teenagers and college students is driving under the influence of alcohol. This may not be the most serious c...
10th Feb 2017

Indianapolis drug case underscores several material considerations

We have noted for readers in prior select blog posts that a proven criminal defense attorney often has multiple avenues to pursue when crafting a strategy to counter state or federal officials' actions pursuant to their making an arrest and charging an individual with a crime. A case recently repor...
9th Feb 2017

Sentence outcome for youths stresses redemption, not pure punishment

Let the punishment fit the crime. What that means for juvenile offenders in Indiana and nationally is that an appropriate sentencing outcome -- that is, a logical and equitable response to a criminal charge -- must take due regard of the singular characteristics often attaching to youth and tailor...