HIDTA designation given to Marion County

It appears that what drug enforcement efforts look like here in the Indianapolis area could be seeing some changes. This is because of a designation Marion County was recently given. The county was recently classified as a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA). This came out of a +3-year effort to get this designation for the county.

What does this designation mean for drug enforcement in the county? Well, it opens the door up for the county being able to get more drug enforcement resources, information and funds from the federal government. It is not yet clear how much in extra funds the designation will end up bringing into county.

Increases in resources and funds can alter the approaches, tactics and practices law enforcement agencies in an area use when it comes to their enforcement efforts regarding drug offenses. One wonders what sorts of new programs and approaches will show up in Marion County as a result of funds received in relation to the HIDTA designation.

What kinds of efforts are taken in an area when it comes to drug enforcement can have major impacts on residents in the area, particularly those who end up facing drug crime accusations. So, one hopes that, during the course of any changes that come about as a result of the HIDTA designation, law enforcement agencies in Marion County make sure to stay away from practices that would be unfair or would violate people’s rights.

What can a drug crime suspect do if they have been subjected to investigatory conduct by police that violated their rights? Well, in some instances, actions may be available to challenge the admissibility of the evidence collected through the conduct. Skilled defense lawyers can help drug crime suspects with looking into whether any possible grounds for such a challenge are present in their case.

Source: WTTV, “More federal resources coming to fight drug trafficking in Marion County,” Zach Myers, Oct. 18, 2016