Defending the rights of Indiana criminal defendants

Getting arrested and accused of committing a crime is frightening and demeaning on a very human level. First, accused persons are put into handcuffs, made to feel like criminals, and then they’re taken to jail, where they will be subjected to invasive searches and may even have to spend the night there.

The arrest and booking, however, are only the beginning of an accused Indiana resident’s troubles. Next, the person will have to face the criminal charges in court and face the threat of being convicted of the crime. This is where it is vital to obtain legal representation and formulate a viable criminal defense strategy.

Every accused person in Indiana and the rest of the United States is entitled to his or her day in court, and he or she will have the right to legal representation and a criminal defense. Furthermore, no one will be convicted of or punished for a crime until — and only if — the accused person pleads guilty or is proved to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Defendants may also be happy to hear that proving guilty is sometimes difficult for the prosecution to achieve, especially if the evidence gathered by the prosecution is weak.

In cases where evidence against the accused is weak, defendants will usually want to enter a plea of not guilty and defend themselves against the allegations. In cases where the evidence against the accused is strong, defendants might want to consider trying to negotiate a plea bargain deal with the prosecution. This could involve pleading guilty to certain offenses in exchange for a dramatic reduction in punishments.

At Patel Defense, we help protect the rights of Indiana defendants. We listen to our client’s stories, analyze the unique facts and evidence surrounding their cases and plan their criminal defenses. All the while, we educate our clients about their legal rights and options so that they are fully and completely informed at all times during their legal proceedings.