Some considerations re arrests at sporting events and concerts

If you frequently attend high-level sporting events, concerts, rallies of various types or other kinds of gatherings where high numbers of people closely congregate amid an atmosphere of excitement, you know that the occasional arrest is inevitable.

Such environments are charged with high energy, often heightened color, sound and noise, a seldom experienced collective passion and a sense of freedom that can together raise emotions to a feverish pitch.

And, as we note on a relevant page of our website at the Indianapolis law firm of Patel Defense, that intensity is often accompanied by the increased stimulation provided by alcohol and, sometimes, various forms of recreational drugs.

That recipe can spell problems for individuals who, while otherwise not remotely bound to interact with law enforcers, do suddenly find themselves in custody following their arrest on a criminal charge.

We defend those individuals, understanding that sporting events, concerts and similar events are distinct and quite singular phenomena; people can easily become manifestly excited and a bit prone toward acting out in unusual ways that yield adverse consequences.

For example, a person might be arrested by authorities on a charge of public intoxication after merely being observed acting in a manner that is deemed to be a bit out of the ordinary. Minors frequently run into trouble at public events because they are caught drinking or in possession of alcohol or a small amount of marijuana. Fights occasionally break out at public venues. Individuals sometimes question police demands and are responded to by being detained for resisting arrest.

Any of those behaviors can yield negative results, ranging from fines to jail time.

Our law firm works hard for clients who are arrested at sporting events and concertsto mitigate the potential downsides to the fullest extent possible.

We welcome contacts to the firm from individuals who need our help, as well as the opportunity to apply our proven criminal defense experience on their behalf.