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Representing You After A Criminal Trial

Many people are surprised to know that a criminal case does not end with the trial. If there is some error in the law or procedure in the original trial, it can be appealed. There are also various post-conviction relief options available to minimize consequences and eliminate the record of criminal activity from public view.

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At Patel Defense, we have a wealth of experience handling a range of post-conviction relief options for our Indiana clients. Indianapolis criminal appeals attorney Monish Patel has nearly a decade of experience as a criminal law lawyer, including his experience as a prosecutor in the Hamilton County Court System. We use this experience and knowledge of criminal law procedure to help our clients understand the various options available after their criminal trials.

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Handling an appeal is vastly different from the initial trial. It is a much more technical operation involving legal, procedural and evidentiary concerns more than arguing the facts of the case. At Patel Defense, we conduct intense research to:

  • Explore any possible error of law or procedure in the initial trial that would merit an appeal
  • Review discovery of case, record/transcribed courtroom proceeding
  • Examine all evidentiary issues to see if any of the evidence used against you should have been suppressed
  • Conduct in-depth legal research to make sure the right laws were applied fairly in your case

Post-Conviction Relief

Even if the appellate court denies the petition for appeal, there are other options available to minimize the damage that a conviction can do in your life:

  • Alternative misdemeanor sentencing (AMS): Through AMS, we can get a felony reduced to a misdemeanor in certain situations.
  • Expungement and sealing of records: No one wants a permanent record of criminal activity. Depending on the circumstances, we could seek an expungement or record sealing to limit who can see criminal activity on your record.
  • Modifications: In some cases, we can get reduced sentence or probation in lieu of jail time for our clients.

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