Child Seduction Crimes

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A strong defense to child seduction charges is critical. Indiana authorities have tightened their scrutiny of allegedly improper sexual relationships with youth who are between the ages of 16 and 18. Conviction on a seduction charge carries serious consequences, including the possibility of prison time.

Getting a skilled defense lawyer on your side is therefore very important. Your lawyer can speak up for you and make sure your rights are protected throughout the criminal justice process and help you take steps to avoid or address any damage to your reputation. Call an attorney who will speak up for you — call Patel Defense at (317) 917-3141.

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At Patel Defense, in Indianapolis, we understand what you are up against and how to fight back for you against child seduction charges. We will use our knowledge and experience to advocate for you aggressively and challenge the case the prosecution is trying to make against you.

Our founding attorney, Monish Patel, is a former prosecutor who knows how the court system works inside and out. Using this knowledge, we can defend you by developing a sound strategy and using tactics that make sense for your specific situation.

Aggressive Defense Against Child Seduction Charges

The age of consent to a sexual relationship is generally 16 in Indiana. But Indiana's child seduction crime statute prohibits certain types of sexual conduct by designated categories of people toward young people between the ages of 16 and 18. These categories include:

• Teachers and other school workers

• Psychologists and other mental health professionals

• Guardians, adoptive parents or stepparents, and others in a position of trust in the home

• Law enforcement officers and military recruiters

The prohibited conduct includes not only sexual intercourse, but also such actions as fondling or sexual touching.

If you are facing charges for child seduction, you may feel that prosecutors have gone too far by misinterpreting innocent actions on your part. You may feel like what you did should not be considered a sex offense at all. After all, why should you have to make a statutory rape defense when the alleged victim is 16 or older?

Let us take your side and defend you aggressively against the charges. There may be evidentiary or other problems with the prosecution's case. We can use our skill and experience to forcefully assert your rights and seek to have the charges reduced or thrown out entirely.

Other Underage Sex Offense Charges

In addition to child seduction charges, we are also adept at helping clients fight back against other underage sex offense allegations. These include:

• Sexual misconduct with a minor

• Child solicitation

• Child molesting

There are many factors besides age that can affect what authorities choose to charge you with and how your case is resolved. At Patel Defense, we won't judge you or shame you as others may have done. Instead, we will strive to resolve the charges against you as favorably as possible.

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