Kidnapping And Criminal Confinement Defense

Criminal confinement is a felony charge, a conviction for which comes with fines, incarceration and other penalties. Further, a criminal concealment conviction on your permanent record would severely limit your employment prospects.

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Patel Defense | The Defense Never Rests

At Patel Defense, we defend Indiana clients against confinement claims. With nearly a decade of experience, including years as a prosecutor in the Hamilton County Court System, attorney Monish Patel has the knowledge and experience needed to find the best results possible for clients. We take a strategic approach to finding alternative sentencing and minimized sentences whenever possible.

Illegal Restraint/Criminal Confinement

Criminal confinement or illegal restraint involves confining or moving someone against his or her will. The severity of the charges varies depending on various factors:

  • Use of force: Criminal confinement can be done through force or threats. If the threats are of a violent nature, or if actual force was used, it increases the severity of the charges.
  • Confinement of a child: If the confinement was against a child, the crime is more serious.
  • Domestic violence: If the confinement was committed against a family member or someone with whom the alleged perpetrator had a close personal relationship, it can change the nature of the charges.

In addition to defending against the criminal charges, we represent clients regarding the no-contact orders that often accompany criminal confinement charges, especially in domestic violence cases. Whenever possible, we help clients fight no-contact orders so they can still see their families and children.

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