Vigorously Defending Your Rights And Protecting Your Future

Don't let one drink too many turn into a lifetime of legal consequences and missed opportunities. Whether you have been arrested on a first or subsequent drunk driving offense, a DUI/OWI conviction can seriously affect your life. That is why it is critical to speak to someone who has the proven experience and skills to minimize your chances of conviction and ultimately protect your future.

Our team at Patel Defense has successfully helped our clients avoid life-changing legal penalties — including jail time, loss of driving privileges and extensive fines. Our founding lawyer draws from nearly a decade of proven legal experience handling OWI/DUI cases in private practice and serving as a former deputy prosecutor. He is highly knowledgeable of Indiana laws, as well as the Hamilton and Marion County court systems.

Shielding You From Criminal Penalties

When you consult with Patel Defense, Indianapolis DUI defense attorney Monish Patel will meet with you during confidential consultations where he will:

  • Learn about your case by asking you about the events that led to the police stop and arrest
  • Gather important evidence, including police reports, blood alcohol content results, witness testimony, etc., that will be used to build a compelling case
  • Identify the violations of your constitutional rights (Were your rights read to you? Did the police officer follow procedure when stopping you?)
  • Challenge the police stop, field sobriety test, operation and maintenance of the breath test machine and blood alcohol results while looking for any discrepancies
  • Work with the prosecuting team to learn about the evidence used against you and to explore options for possible plea agreements

While we always work to get charges dismissed, we will strive to obtain the most optimal results when dismissal is not possible. The sooner you consult with Patel Defense, the sooner we can begin to build your case.

Were you or your child charged with underage drinking? At Patel Defense, we represent students at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Butler University, University of Indianapolis and other colleges who are facing underage drinking charges. Call us today at (317) 917-3141 to learn more.

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We invite you to contact Patel Defense today at (317) 917-3141, to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your criminal charges. Our law office hours are Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We offer evening and weekend appointments, as well as jail visits, by request. We promptly return phone calls. Spanish language translation available at our firm. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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