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Indianapolis drug case underscores several material considerations

We have noted for readers in prior select blog posts that a proven criminal defense attorney often has multiple avenues to pursue when crafting a strategy to counter state or federal officials' actions pursuant to their making an arrest and charging an individual with a crime.

Occupying President Obama on final day: criminal sentencing reform

Rather than spending his final day in office idly watching the hours go by and otherwise attending to purely personal affairs in readying himself for the transition to a new government, outgoing President Barack Obama was busy with his pen on the final day of his tenure.

Indiana drug trafficking laws at a glance

Drug trafficking is a major criminal offense in the state of Indiana and under federal law. When most think of drug trafficking they think of transporting large amounts of drugs across state lines. You can be charged with drug trafficking even if you do not cross state lines with drugs in your possession.

What is the Indiana alcohol and drug rehabilitation program?

Residents of Indiana have access to various alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs throughout the state should they require such services. The programs can be operated by independent organizations or sponsored by local governments at the township, municipal or county levels.

Marijuana possession not a minor charge in Indiana

While there have been major shifts in cultural attitudes regarding those who use marijuana in the state of Indiana, those new perspectives have not affected law enforcement policies. Many people think that marijuana possession charges aren't a big deal anymore, but they're mistaken. In fact, Indiana has some of the harshest penalties for marijuana possession in the entire country. If you or someone you love has been charged with marijuana possession in the state of Indiana, even if it was a single joint, you need to retain the services of a skilled defense attorney with a record of drug defense as soon as possible!

HIDTA designation given to Marion County

It appears that what drug enforcement efforts look like here in the Indianapolis area could be seeing some changes. This is because of a designation Marion County was recently given. The county was recently classified as a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA). This came out of a +3-year effort to get this designation for the county.

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