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Cops using automatic license readers: Does that make you queasy?

For many years now (and, indeed, with increased momentum and stridency of opinion) in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001), a debate has raged across the country focused upon the surveillance of the general public by law enforcement agencies.

Police official expresses strong views on reasonableness

Even though the notion of "reasonableness" regarding citizens' treatment by law enforcement officials is a long-tenured and well-entrenched principle in the criminal law realm, most people don't have to know that to appreciate the need for reasoned behavior to be clearly on display in every police-citizen encounter.

5 reasons kids shouldn't face adult charges

Charging children as adults is a way to make sure they don't get lenient sentences for dramatic crimes. However, it ignores one crucial - and very simple - point: Kids aren't adults. Trying them as adults could open them up to more problems than it solves. Below are a few reasons that some experts believe courts shouldn't charge them as adults:

Could this happen in Indiana? One state drops BAC threshold

It's not as though most men and women in Indiana or anywhere else can imbibe more than an alcoholic beverage or two and safely assume that they are firmly under the drunk-driving threshold posited by the 0.08 blood-alcohol content standard operative across the United States.

To some, case nearly beyond belief: 10 years, still no trial?

Although a criminal defendant in Indiana or elsewhere in the United States is deprived of many rights and liberties, those restrictions are balanced under our criminal justice system by countervailing protections based upon fundamental fairness and so-called due process.

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