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January 2017 Archives

Occupying President Obama on final day: criminal sentencing reform

Rather than spending his final day in office idly watching the hours go by and otherwise attending to purely personal affairs in readying himself for the transition to a new government, outgoing President Barack Obama was busy with his pen on the final day of his tenure.

3 points to know about drunk driving charges

Driving drunk is something that most people know not to do. There are sometimes things that happen that require people to get behind the wheel after having some alcohol at a party or other event. After an arrest for drunk driving -- including such an unfortunate event occurring when you were trying to get home from a sporting event or concert with your friends -- you should learn about what points matter in a case like this so that you can decide what to do about your defense strategy.

Best Buy computer-tech department: an arm of the government?

Admittedly, the above-cited blog headline query leading off today's post might come across as a bit alarming. After all, we're talking the Geek Squad here, that Best Buy-hyped internal crew of computer-savvy workers who stand ever ready to remedy problems with customers' computers and quickly return them in optimal operating condition.

Some considerations re arrests at sporting events and concerts

If you frequently attend high-level sporting events, concerts, rallies of various types or other kinds of gatherings where high numbers of people closely congregate amid an atmosphere of excitement, you know that the occasional arrest is inevitable.

Indiana drug trafficking laws at a glance

Drug trafficking is a major criminal offense in the state of Indiana and under federal law. When most think of drug trafficking they think of transporting large amounts of drugs across state lines. You can be charged with drug trafficking even if you do not cross state lines with drugs in your possession.

Digital-based criminal evidence: Is there a problem here?

Most of our readers across Indiana and elsewhere likely share a common bond -- at least to some extent -- regarding their interactions with digital devices (think any hand-held computer-based tool, such as a smartphone and, additionally, things like laptop computers, GPS systems, live gaming tools and so forth).

What is the Indiana alcohol and drug rehabilitation program?

Residents of Indiana have access to various alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs throughout the state should they require such services. The programs can be operated by independent organizations or sponsored by local governments at the township, municipal or county levels.

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