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June 2016 Archives

When does clicking a link lead to Internet sex crime charges?

Technological advances have changed the way we communicate, the way we work; even the way we may be accused of committing crimes. New criminal charges are emerging and it is important to have an awareness of how these charges work to better ensure that we do not accidentally tread into illegal territory.

First DUI in Indiana? You may need an ignition interlock.

There's no such thing as a mulligan when it comes to ignition interlock devices and DUI convictions in Indiana anymore. Indiana Governor Tom Wolf signed a bill that requires the installation of ignition interlock devices into the vehicles of those convicted of a first driving under the influence (DUI).

Defending the rights of Indiana criminal defendants

Getting arrested and accused of committing a crime is frightening and demeaning on a very human level. First, accused persons are put into handcuffs, made to feel like criminals, and then they're taken to jail, where they will be subjected to invasive searches and may even have to spend the night there.

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